Call Out' is the option offered by the Infocaller app for making calls using the minutes and call set-up costs of your telephone tariff. It is mainly intended for callers who have a flat rate to our local number. In this case, Infocaller Lite works by making a call to our Infocaller service, which forwards the call to the destination number you have chosen in the app. The call made to contact Infocaller from your mobile phone will be charged by your carrier with the cost of a regular landline call. If you have a flat rate to our Infocaller number (with enough minutes left) on your mobile phone, then that part of the call will have no cost for you. The call to the final destination will be charged to your Infocaller account at the competitive price shown to you in the App. 


Using Call Out, you will be able to make cheap calls to international destinations with a high quality digital connection. No VoIP. 

The person who receives the call will see your phone number on screen (subject to availability at international destination).